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4515 Demonstrasyon Kafatası Modeli 14 parça

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Product information "Demonstration skull, 14 parts"

A selected quality human skull was chosen for this model, dissectible into 14 parts: A horizontal section of the skull exposes the cranial cavity in which the course of the meningeal vessels, the venous sinuses and the internal carotid artery are indicated in color. A sagittal section exposes the structure of the nasal cavity including frontal and sphenoidal sinuses. The frontal sinus is further dissected on one side by a bony section, on the other side it is resected in its outline. The temporal bone is removable and sectioned into two parts presenting internal ear in full view. The mandible is movable and can be taken off. The mandible and the maxillae are opened on one side presenting the roots of teeth with dental vessels and nerves reinstated in colour. On the other side the maxillae can be opened.

Size: 20 x 14 x 16 cm, weight: 0.7 kg